European literature of the 18th century.


Telegraph News

£48m: Gustav Klimt’s Bauerngartern becomes third most expensive painting in European history after auction at Sotheby’s

For sure I want to talk about this painting.

From my point of view this painting is  worth it’s value. I can see through the Artist’s eyes. I am not a curator, but I love art and this piece represents what arts means to me.


What I love most about this painting is its simplicity and the sensitivity of each brush stroke. Klimt is so talented is that I feel he painted this effortlessly. When I look at it I feel as if I am actually in the painting itself.

I think it is a sad but common pattern in life that the pieces that are the most transparent become acknowledged only after the artist passes away.

Bauerngartern stands out to me because it displays Klimt’s exceptional skill. I believe he managed to complete this masterpiece suing only one brush. And with that single brush he managed to captivate me, as well as many others, completely.

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