I drew this pastel in 1981, and finished it in a week.  The foundation of the sketch was my reflction. Everything else was an impression of my thoughts.

When I was in Colombia I was very active artist. I studied under the Maestro Antonio Herrera. It was a wonderful, fulfilling and unique experience as I was the youngest of his students, most of which who were over 30.

I remember an exhibition at the Medellin Chamber of Commerce where my painting was placed at the very bottom of a corner of the room. They must have been jealous of my youth! But guess what, a group of Germans curators and guests were looking at that very corner. Most importantly I was supported by my number one fans, my parents.

Soon enough I left Colombia and my paintings behind. The only one I tried to bring with me to the United States was this very pastel. Unfortunately, customs made it very difficult and I had to leave it behind.

I revisited Colombia in September of 2015 and came across the painting again.  Thanks to a different customs policy, I was able to recover and frame my favorite painting, which now hangs peacefully in my home.

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