God does not bless people with money, God Blesses Humans with Spirit and Intelligence.  Thanks God for NASA and NASA SCIENTISTS.

For me to create an image  that reflects how I see the night it’s darkness.and Constellation  of our universe(what we can see above us), is a pleasure, I can go on and on for hours thinking of it, the milky way is my biggest inspirational topic in my art work.

I love gravity, I love the sensation of floating in the space, it brings me peace and it also brings me closer to God.

Another reason that keeps me link to the out of space environment is that I am constantly seeking for my parents. I look up to the sky and talk to them, specially when I am in the hill country of Texas,(Bandera). In the country I have seen the most gorgeous panoramic and the constellation. The nights are covered with a splash of stars, I have a poor vision  but in the country I have the gift of the night and see the stars.

I have a phrase, You can find light in the darkness  I like to apply this concept to my everyday life. Specially now that I am retired (I had to quit my job due to my health)

I have posted one of my Digital images of the constellation on my twitter account some time ago.  My followers liked it. and I love it.constillation


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