I am starting to love my WordPress

What is WordPress

I thought to myself while using other web hosting companies that utilize WordPress to build websites: Why don’t I just have WordPress host my website as well since I am using their software to create it. I found WordPress easy to work with, and it made more sense to me.

Working with WordPress, I worked with another partner in this journey of mine: Google, and their product called G Suite.

I kept blaming all these products that I had purchased and made them the main reason for my misery. Well, actually it has been my fault all the way. I am the one who decided to purchase the products. I am the one who decided to purchase a business premium plan – and that explains it all, I got myself into this ordeal all by myself.

My problem was a lack of knowledge of what I wanted and needed at the time. What I wanted was to talk and express myself. All I needed was WordPress.

This journey brought me to a new goal: my online gallery and my blog page:


At least I am starting to understand which is which, and their different roles.

Looking back, I do not regret the nights without sleep and the frustration of my loved ones trying to help me: My husband, and engineer – but not a happy one – his patience when he is trying to help me is about 10 minutes maximum; My son who’s patience is even shorter (5 minutes maximum); and the collaboration of WordPress’s happiness engineers who try to communicate with me – someone that did not understand what she wanted, or what she was doing. I believe that I have been on this journey of building my blog page and my online gallery for at least at least two years. Yes, that is what it takes a mom that wants to become a part of the millennials world.

I decided to do find out about the history of WordPress, and its beginning. To my surprise the person who started with this PHP (Personal home page) was

Rasmus Lerdorf

Rasmus Lerdorf
Rasmus Lerdorf August 2014 (cropped).JPG
Born 22 November 1968

Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland

Alma mater University of Waterloo
Occupation Distinguished Engineer, Etsy
Website lerdorf.com

Rasmus Lerdorf talks about security with Joomla! developers at OSCMS 2007 Conference.

who never intended for PHP to become a new programming language – it grew organically, he noted in retrospect: “I don’t know how to stop it, there was never any intent to write a programming language”. He had absolutely no idea how to write a programming language “I just kept adding the next logical step on the way”. He inspires me. I consider him an artist.


My WordPress has shown me endless interesting and educational resources. It has led me to new ideas and nice communities – all united by a common interest whatever the topic. There is a community for anything that you like to do and share with others.

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